Aesthetics vs Conversion: The Answer (For Consultants)

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Here’s a short video I created to answer some of the questions a consultant asked me about auto-responders, McKinsey’s website, Alan Weiss, the aesthetics vs conversion debate, feeling to “spammy”, and more.



  • McKinsey has the best lead-generating consulting website, and there are many things independent consultants can learn from McKinsey’s website design, even though it is a big firm.
  • Auto-responder sequences are just an example of a lead-magnet — the more important thing for consultants is to build up a list leads so you can nurture them, touch base, and develop a relationship at scale.
  • Alan Weiss’ website may be a bit outdated in terms of design, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a premium website. You have to consider more things than just aesthetics when considering whether or not a website is a premium website.
  • Aesthetics vs Conversion is contextual. For consultants, aesthetics help solve the problem of using your website to get prospects to know you, like you, and trust you. For other industries, this may not be the case. For consultants, aesthetics help with conversion.
  • Feeling too “spammy” is natural when you’re marketing. You won’t feel too “spammy” or “salesy” when your marketing helps your prospects — which is what a consultant’s marketing should do. The more value you provide, the less spammy you’ll feel, and the only people who call you too “spammy” or “salesy” are people you can safely ignore. Focus on helping your prospects solve their problems and reach their desired future state.