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The Brief

Many consultants in my audience are independent professionals. They don’t have a big marketing budget for a new website, nor is that the right type of project for their business.

Yet, they still face the same problems that all consulting firms face — getting more clients.

Most consultants gain their first couple of clients via referrals. This stream of referrals often lasts them for two years.

After that two years, they have to learn to acquire new work through marketing. If they don’t, they become stuck in a perpetual feast-or-famine cycle.

My goal with my business is to help consultants (no matter their budget) acquire some of this new work through their website.

Since four out of five B2B buyers check out a consultant’s website before doing business with them, their website is a critical first impression and can set the stage for a successful sale down the line.

My Approach

I wanted to create a product for these consultants that can help them set up their own sales-oriented, lead-generating website.

In order to create a website template kit for consultants, I had to break down what makes an effective consulting website to its core.

Not only did I want to design an attractive, professional, and credible website that would help these consultants demonstrate credibility and build trust with their prospective buyers…

I wanted to help them write enticing, persuasive copy as well.

So the kit would have to include a professional and attractive design and swipe copy so that the consultant would be able to write the content for their pages even if they have no copywriting experience.

So, like I would with any other client of mine, I built the kit using my 4-step design process, making both the design and content decisions for all of these types of clients.

It was difficult to create design and content for an abstraction rather than a real business (that is the weakness of website templates or themes), I believe I created something that any business consultant can set up in a few hours and have a persuasive, lead-generating website for their consulting business.

The Result

As a result, I’ve launched the Consultant Website Template Kit.

I’m confident that this is the best product for consultants who want to set up their own marketing and sales-oriented website quickly and without breaking their bank.

Here is what the template kit includes…

  • 7 customizable, sales-oriented page designs built for business consultants so that every page on your website works to persuade your clients towards working with yo
  • “Fill-in-the-blank” swipe copy so that you can write your own content to communicate your expertise and position your business as an authority in your industry
  • SEO ready so that you can enhance your rankings in Google and increase your organic traffic with the right keywords and heading
  • Modern and responsive so that your prospects can browse through your website and contact you from any device, screen resolution, or browser
  • Advertisement inspired, conversion focused on booking consultations so that your website works as your full-time marketer and salesman, putting you in front of more prospects while you work on client projects
  • Helps you organize your content so that you can position yourself as a thought-leader in your industry and build a resources page that your industry looks to for guidance
  • Landing pages for your services and newsletter so that you are always booking new consultations and growing your audience at scale
  • Case study and article frameworks so that you can publish your content quicker, easier, and in a way that draws interest from your prospect
  • Video tutorials and written instructions so that you can easily set up this template kit in minutes even if you have no technical expertise
  • All updates to future versions of the product for free so that whenever I improve the kit, you are the first to know and can implement these improvements on your website in seconds

You can check it out (and get your free High-Converting Consultant Homepage Template) by clicking on the link below to view the website live:

View Website

See it Live