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Christopher Perkins is a risk management consultant. He is the managing director of Risk Care Expert, where he helps businesses develop robust security programs. His services are critical to the well-being of his clients and their businesses — literally and figuratively.

Christopher told me that his previous website hadn’t produced a single tangible result for his business. It was a digital brochure that was collecting “digital dust.”

If your consulting website sits around online instead of working for you, it’s dragging you down like a lazy employee.


Christopher wanted a design that was cutting edge, modern, informative, responsive — and most importantly, would help him win new business.

His previous website was none of that.

It was clumsy, awkward, and scattered. It wasn’t helping him generate business because it was confusing and disorganized — which made it hard for him to build trust with his prospects through it.


The new website for Risk Care Expert improves in every way on the previous website.

The design guides Christopher’s prospective clients through a trust building design, clearly describes his services, establishes credibility with testimonials, and leads his prospects to his contact page for conversion.

Now, for the first time, Christopher is working on writing articles to share his expertise, publishing case studies, and creating lead-magnets to integrate into his website to turn it into a business-generating machine.

I laid the foundation for him with his website, and now he has something he’s proud of and wants to use to showcase his expertise. He’s also using analytics software on his website to learn how his prospects are interacting with the website.

The new design for Risk Care Expert, and Christopher’s willingness to use it, has positioned him for success with his new consulting website.

Here’s what Christopher had to say about working with me

My previous consulting website was not attracting much attention. So after reading up on Tsavo’s services decided to update my website using the 24 hours quick fix that was offered. My existing web site content was developed and utilised on the new site.

The 24 hours of Tsavo’s consulting time was spent over a period of 5-7 days, which included 2 phone calls to ensure that we had the correct mix.

The outcome, is a modern design that portrays me as an experienced security risk consultant that has solved numerous security problems in various industries.

I like Tsavo’s approach as he sees a consultant’s web site as being a very important tool for a consultant to attract clients by showcasing case studies and articles that portrays you as a true professional. I hope to add this element to my site in the near future.

I recommend Tsavo to any consultant that wants a cutting edge web design that will help to attract and develop new business.

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