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“I’ve worked with many web designers and developers before, and never had an experience as close to as good as what Tsavo delivered. He is detailed, communicative, and just a great developer. He also understands and continues to study online marketing, which is invaluable in a web designer and developer. And, it’s extremely rare. You don’t have to handhold Tsavo or write a super detailed spec (although that’s always nice!) because he is a pro and can be trusted to implement the best version of your site. He helped me create two awesome sites — one for my personal brand at and another that’s yet to be released. I’m thrilled with both results, and both are very different from each other! If you have been burned by web development in the past, contact Tsavo. You’ll never go back. Bonus — really nice guy, hardworking and humble attitude.”

-Susan Su, Head of Marketing @ Reforge, Venture Partner @ 500 Startups

The Brief

Susan is an expert in growth marketing. She has worked with many different companies and knows how to help companies grow.

She uses her personal website to teach others what she has learned.

Her website is built around her content. She writes essays on growth – in both life and business.

I knew that to build an effective website for Susan, it would have to be focused on her content. It’s her essays that would drive people to becoming a part of her audience.

My Approach

Susan’s old website was dated. It did not inspire readers to want to learn more about her.

Susan is a master of growth. Her new website had to reflect this.

It was important that her new website be modern, fresh, and approachable. It needed a design that matched her brand as a growth marketer.

Susan’s content is the focal point of her website. Going into the re-design, I wanted to help make her content stand out.

I wanted to make sure that readers would be inspired by her brand and sign up to her email list.

A friendly, approachable design would help Susan get her essays out and reach her target audience.

The Result

The website I built for Susan makes navigating and reading her content easy.

It helps her grow her audience through a non-intrusive opt-in system.

The design instills credibility and trust. It gives you an insight into who Susan.

It helps her get her message out.

With her new website, Susan has an effective tool to grow her audience. Her new website enhances her brand and writing.

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