George Barnhart is an independent management consultant and executive business strategist. He runs his own consultancy, TiCE, where he helps companies and organizations with both their business strategy and sustainable energy.

George told me that he doesn’t want to use his website to generate leads. His priority was a professional website for “swivel-chair validation.” Swivel-chair validation is this: as soon as you’re done talking to your clients, they “swivel their chair” back to their monitors and look you up online.

All of your clients, prospective, past, and current, look at your website. They want to see if you’re the real deal, and if you convey a brand that shows you can do the work.


George told me that he wasn’t satisfied with his old website. Not only did he feel that this website didn’t help him establish trust with is clients, but he knew that this website didn’t properly represent him and his services.

He knew that if he wanted to take his communications to the next level, he would need a more professional, modern, and responsive design.


George wanted his new website to convey professionalism and build trust — without too much text, content, or images.

The new design for TiCE does just that. It’s simple, clean, and modern — presenting TiCE with confidence, and no fluff.

Even though George doesn’t need or want to use his website for lead-generation, he now has a professional, approachable website and brand that inspires confidence in his current and prospective clients.

When his clients swivel their chair back to their monitors and look George and his business up online, they’ll find what they want to see before working with him — a professional and modern design that increases their trust in him and his abilities.

Here’s what George had to say about working with me on the new website for TiCE:

Working with Tsavo through his One-Day Consulting Website service was superb — he was quick, on-budget, and helped me create a new logo as well. I would highly recommend Tsavo’s services to any consultant who wants their website and brand to exude professionalism, confidence, and trust.

Does your consulting website inspire professionalism to your prospects?

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