Consultant LinkedIn Profile Template: Generate Leads Through Linkedin

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If you haven’t generated any interest from potential consulting clients through your LinkedIn profile, you’re doing something wrong.

LinkedIn gives you an incredible opportunity to network and attracts potential clients for your consulting business.

There is no other network with the same access to B2B decision makers.

However, most independent consultants or consultants at small firms use LinkedIn very wrong — they use it as if it were a resume instead of a piece of marketing material for their business.


If you’re a consultant who’s looking to grow your business instead of finding a new job, then my consultant LinkedIn profile template below will help you start generating consulting leads through LinkedIn.

An effective LinkedIn profile…

  • Talks about your prospect, not you
  • Discusses the business outcomes you provide for your prospect, not how you get them their (that comes after you’ve got their interest)
  • Has a direct, compelling call-to-action (either to connect with you and start a conversation, or check out one of your lead-magnets)

An ineffective LinkedIn profile…

  • Is written in third-person
  • Looks more like a digital resume than a piece of copy on a sales page (do you want a new job or new leads?)
  • Talks about your past experience, job history, and credentials (your prospects don’t care at this point)

Copywriting and marketing isn’t a strength for many consultants, so I’ve developed a consultant LinkedIn profile template that you can copy into your LinkedIn profile, fill in the blanks, and start using LinkedIn with confidence to grow your consulting business.

Your profile is only one piece of the marketing puzzle on LinkedIn, but it is the centerpiece of the system. A sales-oriented LinkedIn profile is what will compel your prospects to connect and message you to find out more of what you do. Once you’ve positioned your firm well on LinkedIn, you can start thinking about LinkedIn lead generation — the art and science of attracting the right prospects to your profile.

Consultant LinkedIn Profile Template

Start your profile by writing a maximum of 3 sentences that show your prospect that you understand a particular problem in their business.


I help [target audience] [acheive business outcome] so that they can [avoid problem].


  • Helping you [acheive business outcome 1]…
  • Helping you [acheive business outcome 2]…
  • Helping you [acheive business outcome 3]…
  • Helping you [acheive business outcome 4]…
  • Helping you [acheive business outcome 5]…


[Testimonial from your previous client].
-[Client Name], [Client’s  job title]

[Testimonial from your previous client].
-[Client Name], [Client’s  job title]

[Testimonial from your previous client].
-[Client Name], [Client’s  job title]


Connect with me on LinkedIn and I’ll give you a free consultation to help you [acheive business outcome].


Not ready for a consultation just yet? Here are some free resources for you:

  • Free [lead magnet title]: [LINK]
  • Free [lead magnet title]: [LINK]
  • Free [lead magnet title]: [LINK]

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