Consultant Website Breakdown #2: Ascent Consulting

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Welcome to the 2nd episode of Consultant Website Breakdown.

In this episode, we’re looking at a consulting firm that works with construction companies, Ascent Consulting.

Their website combines solid positioning with powerful content and lead-generation focused design.

Overview – Ascent Consulting

Ascent Consulting provides consulting services specifically to construction companies.

As soon as I saw their website, it was clear to me that they had dialed in their marketing strategy.

They designed their website for a specific purpose: to generate inquiries.

It’s a foundational part of their inbound marketing strategy.

What It Does Well

Below are three things that the Ascent Consulting website does very well.


Ascent Consulting makes it clear who they work with: construction companies. Just look at their logo. Most consultants are afraid to take such a hard line in their marketing. They fear that one vertical is too narrow.

But when you specialize, you go deep — and that depth fosters expertise. Google “construction company consulting,” and you’ll see that Ascent Consulting ranks in the top 3. Ranking on the first page of Google is much easier for your consulting business when you get specific on who you serve. Don’t shy away from it. Go all-in on your area of specialization. Google — and your potential clients — will recognize and reward you for it.


The Ascent Consulting website isn’t built to just look pretty. It’s built to generate leads. You’ll notice that they offer a free 30 minute consultation. They also offer a marketing assessment. Both of these free offers add value to their potential clients. And they also help Ascent Consulting by providing them with qualified leads.

Their free consultation, in particular, adds tremendous value. The prospect receives a first-hand demonstration of the firm’s expertise. Ascent Consulting can use these consultations to foster develop relationships with buyers.

Case Studies

The case studies on this consulting website are some of the most impressive I’ve seen. They are well-written and descriptive. They also function as lead-generating assets.

Case studies are excellent for showing your potential clients where they could be. If a particular case study resonates with them — showing a result that they’d like to see in their own business — then a call-to-action in the case study will generate more interest. Ascent Consulting has done a great job of leveraging all their content as lead-generating assets.

Where It Could Improve

Below are three things that may improve their consulting website.


Besides the photos of individual team members, I think every other photo on the site is a stock photo. To be fair, finding photos for “construction consulting” is tough.

Ascent Consulting would benefit from a professional photoshoot. After that, they could replace the stock photos with pictures of their team. This would make their website more personable, authentic, and trustworthy — and from my experience, this would increase their conversion rate. Stock photos don’t add any value, and you should try to avoid using them as much as possible.


Potential clients will read the bullets first. It’s some of the most important copy on the website. When you write bullets that resonate, your website engages your potential clients.

The best way to write bullets that resonate are to describe what your client really wants. That’s how Ascent Consulting could improve their bullet copy. Potential clients don’t want “software and technology.” They don’t want “project management.” They want to kick their feet up and let the software do their hard work. Or, they want their projects to run stress-free without their input. The former are features, and the latter are benefits.

Their bullet copy would benefit from the “so-that” test. For example: “optimized businesses processes so that…” What follows the “so that…” gets to the heart of what the client wants.

Testimonial Usage

The firm has some fantastic testimonials. However, they’ve tucked them at the bottom of the homepage, and on each individual case study page. Consultants should make their testimonials much more prominent.

Use them frequently throughout the homepage to make every part more persuasive. Use them strategically to validate what you say about yourself. Use them when describing your team members. Use them specifically with every call-to-action on your website. Highlight the strongest bit of the testimonial to make sure your potential client can’t miss it. Include a link to a case study to pull your prospect deeper into your site.

All these might seem like minor tweaks. But, consistent improvements to your website’s design will increase its conversion rate. That means more leads and more business for you.

Action Step

The biggest takeaway for me from the Ascent Consulting website is their positioning.

Imagine if you’re a construction company CEO looking for advice from a specialist.

You come across a generic, “we serve everybody” type of consulting firm. Then, you read the Ascent Consulting website.

The former could have an existing relationship with you — but the specialist firm who ONLY works with companies like yours is more enticing.

With your own positioning, aim to be as clear and direct as Ascent Consulting.

You don’t have to include your specialization in your logo, but make it public.

With proper positioning, your website becomes more effective. You’ll notice how much easier it is to do marketing when you narrow the scope of who you work with.

Go deep, and showcase your depth in your marketing.