Consulting Website Design 012: Feature – Angus Hay (Business Growth Consultant Website) [VIDEO]

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This episode is a feature of business growth consultant Angus Hay’s consulting website.

Key Takeaways

Angus found my article on the 22 Best Consultant Websites helpful in designing and writing his consulting website — as well as developing his value proposition.

Suggest Change One: First, and most important, is that you’ll notice Angus doesn’t have a lead magnet yet. Now since his website is brand new, chances are he’s working on this, but a lead magnet is so important in using your consulting website to generating leads. It’s what you should be working on as soon as your consulting website is up.

He could put a lead magnet in his Hero section, like on consultant Kurt Elster’s homepage hero section…it could be something like a growth plan checklist, a marketing assessment — anything that provides value to your prospect while also planting the seed in their mind that shows you the value of your services.

Suggested Change Two: You’ll see that Angus uses CTA’s liberally throughout his website, and that’s great. But what I would do is change some of these from “Hire me to grow your business” to “Learn how I tripled this companies turnover in 6 months.”

Most of your prospective clients aren’t ready to contact you just yet. You’ve got their interest, and to start developing that trust, instead of trying to get them to the contact page, get them to read some of your articles or your case studies. Once they’ve read some of your material and it resonates with them, that’s when they are more ready to contact you.

Suggested Change Three: The third change I’d make is a simple change to the language in his menu.Now if you’re selling consulting services, “Hire Me” is aggressive language. What you want is your consulting website to give you more conversations with your prospective clients, and that’s what your language should reflect — in most cases, I would stray from using language like “Hire Me” on your website because it’s the top of your funnel, whereas Hire Me is language you’d use after you’ve developed rapport, had a value conversation etc.

Since his contact page and Hire Me page is a bit redundant, I’d remove the contact page…And rename this “Hire Me” page to schedule your consultation. That’s much more inviting at that stage in the relationship than saying “Hire Me” — which is kind of like buy now.

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