Consulting Website Design 019: Quora for Consultants [VIDEO]

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In this episode, you’ll learn about the most underlooked social media platform for consultants, Quora, and how to use it for your consulting business.



  • Quora is a great social network for consultants – not necessarily for lead-generation, but for content marketing, research and to develop a writing habit – which WILL help with lead generation.
  • Follow the topics that you have expertise in. Check out who the most viewed writers are on the topic. You’ll learn about how to write top-ranked answers and learn about some of your competitors as well.
  • Fill out your profile. Imagine your prospect client comes across your profile. Just like a website, you want to direct them to pieces of your content where they can learn more about you and what you can provide for them. See Faisal Khan’s profile for a great consultant’s profile. 
  • Look at the questions that people asking. Here are great ideas for your own content. You can take these questions, answer them in detail on your website, and then link to them on Quora.
  • Take the time you’re spending on social platforms that aren’t LinkedIn and use that time for Quora. Answer 1 question per day. Save questions that people in your industry are asking. Use Quora to establish yourself as an expert in the topic you want to be known as the expert for. You’ll get far more of an ROI out of your time using Quora than Twitter or Facebook

Action Step

Sign-up for Quora, follow 3 topics where you can add your expertise, and answer 1 question per week.

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