Consulting Website Design 020: Website Expectations [VIDEO]

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In this episode, you’ll learn about the expectations your prospects have when they visit your consulting website, and how important it is to meet (and exceed) those expectations.



  • VeraSage: Revolutionary thinkers — and the website does not match my perception.
  • David C. Baker: Brilliant thinker — and his website matches my perception.
  • Prospects check you out via your website. Your website plays a huge role in how they perceive you. If they hear from a contact that you’re a top performer, they’re going to expect your website to demonstrate that. If it does, it’s going to support that perception. If it doesn’t, it’s going to diminish their perception.
  • This Alan Weiss quote explains this well: “You and your business need to look world-class and demonstrate that you lead the way. Who would want to do business with someone who looks and dresses poorly? Your site is a reflection of you. It is your virtual representation. If you don’t take your site seriously, why should others?”
  • Use your website to help form the perception you want to create in the minds of your prospects. Position yourself as world-class with a professional design. Your clients want to hire someone they can trust, and an exceptional design builds the foundation for which this trust is built digitally.

Action Step

Put yourself in the shoes of your clients and ask yourself: “When people are referred to me and my website, does my consulting website meet or exceed their expectations? Or does it miss the mark completely?”

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