Consulting Website Design 018: The Assessment [VIDEO]

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In this episode, you’ll learn about using an assessment as your lead-magnet with help from Propeller’s consulting website.



In this episode, I’m going to be looking at a really strong consulting website called Propeller consulting, and how they use an assessment to generate leads.

Let’s head over to Propellers website and see what we find.

So the first thing you’ll notice is that the website is very modern. Very nice, professional design, and it most definitely gives you the sense that you’re dealing with a modern, professional firm.

We pop open the menu here and see what the firm has to offer. I’m going to do a quick rundown of their pages.

Services – very well done. Gives you an idea of what they do, and more importantly, how they’ve applied it to achieve business outcomes with their case studies.

Who we are – excellent. They have bios of every consultant on their website, as well as professional photographs of each employee. Perfect.

Case Studies. Very comprehensive, and well thought out. Can’t ask for much more here.

And then they have a blog for they’re latest insights which are nicely categorized.

And a contact page that’s very clean and easy to use.

But what I want to bring your attention to in this episode is their “Practice Areas “page.

It’s like a services page where they tell you what they do…but they get more specific. Let’s click on Change Management to see what they offer here.

Here they have some copy that explains some of the benefits they can provide…and an assessment that asks their prospect if they are prepared for change.

This is very compelling for their prospects interested in change management. Everyone loves to know more about themselves, that’s why content like quizzes are so widely shared on consumer websites like Buzzfeed, and Propeller takes this and applies it to B2B decision makers.

I’m going to quickly go put myself in the shoes of their prospect and go through this quiz and see what it says.

They give me the option to skip, which is nice, but the more interested they are the more likely they will enter their name and email to receive the results. In our case, I’m going to hit skip.

It’s telling me I’m in a risky situation when it comes to my organization…and it also tells me how at Propeller they can help me with this. I want to talk to them.

So their assessment not only provides tremendous value to their prospect, but it gives them a direct, relevant call to action to talk to their experts who can help reduce this risk and help the client reach their desired future state.

If we open up chromes developer tools, we can see that they are using a tool called TryInteract.

In the Slow Lane, you may want to give a quiz that’s a little more substantive. We can do this with an assessment. Typically, an assessment will give some type of score or help the lead discover something about themselves. (For example, a personality test might show you that you have a Type A personality, which you may not have known before.) They do extremely well, however, they take more time for you to create and for the lead to complete.

By SlowLane, Scott’s referring to prospects who are aware they have a problem (in this case, risky change management), but want to know more about the problem and how to solve it. So an assessment is a great lead magnet for these leads because they know they have a problem, and this assessment brings urgency to solve the problem.

Action Step

Build your own assessment that you can use to educate your prospects, and use it on your website to generate leads.

Assessments are great lead magnets because everyone loves to learn about themselves and their business, and it paves the way to fostering interaction with your prospect.

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