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Consulting Website Template Kit:

Attract clients with your consulting website — using a foolproof, step-by-step framework that you can complete in a weekend

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Is this what it’s really like running your own consulting business?

When you first started, referrals worked.

You had a steady stream of business.

All you had to do was do great work for your clients.

The new business took care of itself.

It’s all good when your connections are constantly handing you new business...

...but what happens when your referral well runs dry?

What if, when you ask a connection for work, you get that same answer...

“Well, not right now, but if you check back with me in a couple of months...”

You’re not comfortable putting your income in someone else's hands.

And you’ve put two and two together -- it’s no secret:

“Building a consulting business on referrals means feast or famine.”

Tired of relying on referrals to win consulting business?

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Welcome to the feast or famine cycle

When you’re working on a project, life’s good.

You’re doing interesting work.

You’re providing value to your clients.

And you’re getting paid.

You’re in the feast.

But as a project comes to an end…

You feel a nagging sense of dread.

It’s that thought that creeps on in...

“Where is my next project (and paycheck) going to come from?”

As the project comes closer to an end, your sense of panic grows.

It’s easy to get lost in the work -- but you’re running your own consulting business now.

You're responsible for more than just doing the work -- you’re responsible for winning the work.

And once that project ends…’re in the famine.

You know what that means... drag yourself to your desk, stuck making cold-calls for the next few weeks...’re sending spammy direct emails hoping for a response...’re begging your network for referrals, trying your best not to be a nuisance...

Sometimes it actually works. You happen to land a new client.

And sometimes it doesn’t. You get stuck in the famine.

It’s like playing the slots. An emotional roller-coaster. A gamble.

And it means you’re running your consulting business on hope.

This isn’t how you planned it to go.

You started your own consulting business so you could be the one in charge.

But now that referrals and networking are your only real ways to win new business…’ve lost your sense of control in your business.

You don’t really get to control when you work. What you work on. Who you work with.

When you’re in the famine, you’ll take any scraps you can get.

It all feels like a game of luck.

“How can I reliably and consistently get new clients...WITHOUT having to rely on my network?”

What if you didn’t have to worry about where the next sale is coming from?

Instead of waking up thinking how you’re going to get your next paycheck... woke up to an inbox full of qualified leads?

Instead of forcing yourself into cold-calling and networking… clients began reaching out to you?

Instead of wondering what it takes to get new clients consistently… had a measurable, step-by-step system?

How would that change your consulting business?

How would that change your lifestyle?

What you want really want is balance -- and peace.

No frantic calls from clients.

No pressure-filled proposal writing.

And no worrying about cash-flow.

Just meaningful work, a profitable consulting firm -- and more time to do what you love.

A steady stream of clients and projects…

...without competition, a long buying process, and without haggling on price.

This is how you want your consulting business to look.

But you don’t know how -- or what -- will help you get there.

The one thing you DO know is that you can’t build the consulting business of your dreams if you’re relying on referrals for every project.

So, what can you do?

“I’ve tried this marketing stuff before…”

You’ve read the books.

You’ve taken the courses.

And all you’ve gotten was a neverending list of tactics.

  • Webinars...
  • Chatbots...
  • Email scripts...
  • Blogs...
  • Automation...
  • Referral programs...
  • Website builders...
  • Funnels (what the **** is a funnel, anyway?)...
  • Snapchat & Instagram (really?)...
  • *Insert next shiny object here*

All of this “advice” you’ve gotten seems to apply to anyone but you -- the consultant who sells their time, expertise, and thinking.

And nothing seems to stick. How does it all fit together, anyways?

It’s too much to handle. You don’t have time for all of this.

But when you think about how you’ve gotten your clients in the past, you’re facing an uncomfortable fact:’ve hardly ever gotten leads from anything but word of mouth or cold-calling.

And you’re fed up of running your business like this.

You want something consistent. Predictable. Reliable.

A steady system for getting more clients.

Referrals a great -- but you never want to feel reliant on them ever again.

“Why does none of it work for me?”

It all seems so easy for everyone else.

You’ve never been great at selling yourself.

When it’s time to promote your business, you feel like a sleazy car salesman shouting at passerbys.

As a consultant, you shouldn’t have to do all of this marketing and selling stuff -- or so you thought.

But you’ve realized that winning new business is one of the most important parts of your business.

Here’s why you haven’t figured out this marketing thing yet…

Selling and marketing expertise is different than selling other products or services.

You’re a consultant.

You sell your thinking. You sell your time. You sell your expertise.

Yet you’re following the advice of people who assume you’re selling products.

You’re not an eCommerce store… why are you marketing your business like you are one?

If you’re cramming your spare time full of “one-size-fits-all” marketing tactics…

...that’s explains why you're not gaining traction.

Do you want to get clients through marketing in addition to referrals?

Then you have to market yourself like a consultant -- and not rely on your phone ringing like a country-club.

Your prospective clients are already checking you out...

The “Swivel-Chair”


The motion your prospect takes when they’re done talking with you -- swiveling their chair back to their computer to look you up online.

You know it’s true.

Four out of five prospective buyers will check out your website before doing business with you.

And one-third of professional services buyers have ruled out a firm because of an unimpressive website.

(And that’s those who admit it.)

As consultant David A. Fields says:

“Only five years ago, I would have told you not to spend more than a few minutes worrying about your digital presence. Boy, have times changed. Dialing up your digital presence is an absolute must in your plan to build a bigger or more profitable consulting practice.”

Like it or not, your website plays a massive role in how your prospective and currents clients perceive you -- and your perceived value.

And if your website is unimpressive, it's already costing you clients -- and you didn’t even know it. 

You get stuck in the famine because your website is not bringing in the feast!

Now, some consultants like to do the bare minimum for their website -- they want to make sure that website isn’t losing them business.

(And this is where you should be, at a bare minimum).

But other consultants use their website to not only stop clients from leaking through…

...but to actually “go on the offensive” -- and use it to attract and convert their prospects into warm, qualified leads.

What if instead of a “tick the box”...

...your website was a useful tool that HELPED you get more clients?

“But consulting is a relationship business…no one finds consultants online...right?”

Consulting is a relationship business -- but you must earn the right to those relationships.

Schmoozing and flattery will only get you so far.

(You don’t like doing those anyways.)

Elite consultants -- the 20% of consultants earning 80% of the business -- develop relationships at scale by providing value.

“In many ways, your website is the most tangible embodiment of your firm. Far more people will visit your website than visit your office, so it must be the most comprehensive and fully developed communication tool in your arsenal.”

Now more than ever, buyers are using a firm's digital presence to make purchasing decisions.

Relationships are built on trust, and your website determines how trustworthy you are.

What does your website say about you and your firm?

Does it leave your prospects yearning for more…

...or does it highlight you as the premium choice -- helping you attract more clients, build up your perceived value, and stand out above your competition?

Now, consultants around the world are starting to use their digital presence as the cornerstone of their marketing.

And today, I want to give you access to a method to beat feast or famine cycle -- for good.


consulting website template kit

Consulting Website Template Kit

Turn your website from a passive digital brochure into an unstoppable machine that attracts new consulting clients around the clock...even while you eat, sleep, and work on other projects!

Consulting Website Template Kit is a fully-loaded kit with everything you need to design, write, and build your own high-converting consulting website -- in no more than a weekend.

Built on WordPress / X Theme, the kit is designed to help you write and build a consulting website to attract more clients, increasing your number of conversations with interested buyers, and helping you win more consulting work.

Here’s what it will do for your digital presence and consulting business:

  • 9 customizable, sales-oriented page designs built for business consultants so that every page on your website persuades your clients to work with you

  • “Fill-in-the-blank” swipe copy so that you can write your own content to communicate your expertise and resonate with your best prospects

  • SEO-ready so that you can enhance your rankings in Google and increase your organic traffic

  • Conversion-focused for booking consultations so that your website works as your full-time marketer and salesman -- putting you in front of more prospects 24/7

  • Helps you organize your content so that you can position yourself as a thought-leader -- and build a website that your industry looks to for guidance

  • Landing pages for your services and newsletter so that you are always booking new consultations and growing your audience — at scale

  • Case study and article frameworks so that you can publish your content quicker, easier, -- and in a way that draws interest from the right type of prospects

  • Video tutorials and written instructions so that you can set up your consulting website in minutes (even if you have no technical expertise)

  • Modern and responsive so that your prospects can browse through your website and contact you from any device, screen resolution, or browser

  • All updates to future versions of the product for free so that whenever I improve the kit, you are the first to know

Do you feel “website shame” knowing that your prospects are visiting your website?

You should feel confident that whenever your prospect searches for you, they’re impressed with what they see.

You should feel like your website is a useful tool for your business -- a marketing machine that works for you 24/7 (not a dull, passive brochure that nobody visits).

And you should never feel like you don’t know where your next project or paycheck is coming from.

That’s what the kit will help you do -- connect your expertise with what your prospective clients are seeking together into a sleek, professional website that helps you get more clients.

Here’s what you'll get with the kit...


“Fill-in-the-blank” copy swipe files combined with sales-oriented design to help you build a marketing machine:

consulting website template home page

Home Page

Craft the perfect first impression to every single client

consulting website template about  page

About Page

Attract your ideal client based on your uniqueness

consulting website template services page

Services Page

Present each of your consulting services with clarity and confidence

consulting website template blog

Article Writing Guide

Write search engine optimized content that grabs your prospects attention

consulting website template case study

Case Study Template

Turn past projects into your most powerful marketing assets

consulting website template case study

Articles & Client Results

Maximize readership to your articles, client results, and more.

consulting website template resources page

Start Here Page

Keep your prospects coming back to your website and position yourself as an authority

consulting website template newsletter page

Newsletter Landing Page

Build a pipeline of leads and stay top of mind all year round

consulting website template contact page

Free Consultation Page

Fill your calendar chalk-full of consultations with business to win


Understand your clients deepest desires, write mouth-watering copy, and bring hundreds of hungry prospects to your website every month:

Copy Collection

Infuse your marketing with your prospect’s deepest desires and most expensive problems

Website Variables

Write high-converting sales copy without paying thousands to a copywriter

Marketing Habits

The marketing habits to wake up to 5+ leads every morning

Mini-Course (BONUS)

Learn the inner-workings of your consulting website -- the psychology, analytics, and design -- so you can optimize your results:

How To Install Tutorial

Easy 10-minute installation for WordPress/X-Theme users

Onboarding Video

A high-level overview of how to get the most out of the kit

Home Page Tutorial

How to use your homepage to drive prospects deeper into your website


About Page Tutorial

How to make a page about you all about your clients

Services Page Tutorial

How to present your services as features and benefits instead of boring jargon

Client Results Tutorial

How to take your results and turn them into stories your prospects see themselves in


Start Here Page Tutorial

How to build the most bookmark-worthy resource for your industry

Newsletter Page Tutorial

Capture interest from “maybe” prospects -- and nurture them until they become your client

Articles Page Tutorial

How to share what you know and use your knowledge to generate new leads


Consultation Tutorial

How to make it brain-dead easy for prospects to book a consultation with you

Marketing Tutorial

The 5 "marketing musts" to generate endless traffic to your consulting website

What's Next Tutorial

An immediate action plan for exactly what to do once you launch your consulting website

Productize Yourself Book & Coaching (BONUS)

Get the playbook for writing, designing, and marketing your consulting website.

productize yourself the consultant's guide to attracting clients through your website book

PDF Copy

227 pages, 21 action steps, and a fool-proof system for getting your consulting website live.

Web Version Access

Get lifetime access to the web-based version of the book (new content added frequently).

Customized Coaching

Get personal email support from me for feedback on your consulting website.

Template Kit & Course Only


One-time Payment

  • Full consulting website page designs (9 pages)
  • Step-by-step implementation course (4+ hours of content)
  • Website copywriting swipe files & frameworks
  • SEO content marketing template for writing articles & case studies
  • Lifetime updates (all future versions & bonuses)
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Productize Yourself Book: The Consultant's Guide To Attracting Clients Through Your Website

Not sure if the kit is right for you? Book a FREE 30-minute consultation with me where we'll talk about you, your business, and whether my kit can help.

Who made the kit?

tsavo neal websites for consultants

My name is Tsavo Neal, and I specialize in helping consultants get more clients through their website. Whereas most designers, copywriters, and marketers are more focused on eCommerce -- I decided to help people who market and sell their thinking.

Why consultants? I’m fascinated by the idea of marketing and selling your thinking online. I love the idea of “productizing yourself” -- creating a “clone” of yourself through your website, and having that clone do work for you. That’s what your consulting website should do.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an entrepreneur -- but I felt that I wasn’t extroverted enough. I didn't like talking on the phone. I didn't enjoy networking. I wanted to write, design, and build things. When I started freelancing, I wanted to get clients -- but I felt drained from having to go out to them. So I decided to go all in on my website, and figure out how to make them come to me.

This was 3 years ago. Now, I’ve written the book on web design for consultants. I generate dozens of leads every month, and hundreds of thousands of prospects have visited my website. I went all-in on using my website to market myself, cracked the code to consulting website design -- and now, I’m passing along everything I know to you, through this kit.

But really, I just want to put an end to the feast-or-famine cycle. I don’t want any consultant to have to go through that. And I believe the best solution out of the feast-or-famine cycle is to not have to do all of the marketing and selling yourself -- but to have your website to shoulder that burden for you.

Who It's NOT For

  • You’re selling anything BUT your time and expertise
  • You’re looking for a “pretty” or “fancy” website instead of results
  • You’re convinced that referrals and networking is all you’ll ever need
  • You don’t want to become an expert or thought-leader in your field
  • You want your marketing to be all about you instead of all about your prospect
  • You’re not willing to take action and expect instant results

Who It IS For:

  • You’re an independent business consultant or small consulting firm
  • You want to grow faster than just referrals and want your website to produce a steady stream of new clients
  • You hate doing direct outreach, cold-calling -- and want clients to come to you
  • Your fear or lack of knowledge on web design and marketing is keeping you from getting started
  • You want to feel proud and confident about your website
  • You’re a DIYer who wants to build your consulting website the right way
  • You’re hiring a designer or copywriter and want to make sure they understand how a consultant gets more clients through their website

Frequently Asked Questions

“I’m not using WordPress or X Theme. Can I still use the kit?”

Yes. While the kit comes with X Theme template files, it also includes longform screenshots and copy templates for each page. You can use the copy and/or screenshots to help you build a lead-generating consulting website -- no matter what website builder you are using. The principles are more important than the software.

“I’m pressed for time. How long will this take me to set up?”

It will take you no longer than a weekend to set up, whether you’re using WordPress and X Theme or not. The “How to Install” video is less than 10 minutes. And if you have any trouble setting things up, shoot me an email and I’ll personally help you out.

“What if I’m terrible at selling myself and writing about my qualifications objectively?”

Here’s a secret -- good copy is curated, not written. The kit is designed to help you write your content based on what your prospective clients are saying. If you’re a good listener, you don’t have to use your website to sell yourself -- and the kit will teach you how to sell yourself and write about your qualifications in a way your prospects will actually read it.

“How’s this different from other consulting website templates?”

Your average Wix or Squarespace consulting website template will help you set up a passive brochure website. Consulting Website Template Kit will help you set up a lead-generating website, write it, and market it too. There is no “placeholder” text with my kit. It’s not designed to be a brochure. It’s designed to help you write copy that resonates and get more consultations for your consulting business.

Not sure if the kit is right for you? Book a FREE 30-minute consultation with me where we'll talk about you, your business, and whether my kit can help.

What Consultants Like You Are Saying

“I would highly recommend Tsavo's advice to any consultant who wants their website to exude professionalism, confidence, & trust.”

george barnhart consultant

George Barnhart, Consultant

“Tsavo will help you make a personal website that’s more about the people you want to serve.”

dana james mwangi consultant

Dana James-Mwangi, Consultant

“I recommend Tsavo to any consultant that wants a cutting edge web design that will help to attract and develop new business.”

christopher perkins consultant

Christopher Perkins, Consultant

Template Kit & Course Only


One-time Payment

  • Full consulting website page designs (9 pages)
  • Step-by-step implementation course (4+ hours of content)
  • Website copywriting swipe files & frameworks
  • SEO content marketing template for writing articles & case studies
  • Lifetime updates (all future versions & bonuses)
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Productize Yourself Book: The Consultant's Guide To Attracting Clients Through Your Website

Not sure if the kit is right for you? Book a FREE 30-minute consultation with me where we'll talk about you, your business, and whether my kit can help.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m confident that with this kit, you’ll write, design, and build your own high-converting consultant website. And I back this confidence with a full 90-day money back guarantee.

If after 90 days, you haven’t found value in the kit -- email me and show me you’ve done the work. I’ll give you a full refund -- and I’ll take the credit card processing fee too.

You can set up the entire kit, watch the course, and market your business using the booklets for months -- and then decide if it’s right for you. If you do the work and don’t think this will drastically improve your marketing efforts, I’ll give you a full-refund -- and you can keep the kit.


Your last chance to leave your competition behind...don’t risk becoming irrelevant

Since 2020, over half of employees in the United States are independent contractors, freelancers, and consultants.

95% of their websites will be terrible.

But in a few years, this will change. Consultants like you will have no choice but to dial in their marketing and sales -- and their websites as well.

Some firms have already gotten started.

They’ve started to use their website as their marketing “hub”...

...and I think they’ll start to win the lion’s share of the business because of it.

Do you choose to be a casualty — a consultant left behind?

Or are you going to take your chance and jump ahead of your competition while there’s still time?

Forget about “barely keeping up” — I want you to be ahead of the pack.

To feel proud of your digital presence — and confident that it will help you reach your income goals.

And to enjoy a consulting business where you’re not worrying about must-win proposals — a dissipating cash flow — or frantic outreach begging to win new business.

Just more meaningful work, a predictable flow of clients — and more time to do what you love.

What if you took the time now to build an effective consulting website?

By next year, you’ll have a consulting website that’s attracting clients and positioning your firm as an industry-leader.

By next year, you’ll can have escaped the feast-or-famine cycle — while others are just getting started with it.

By next year, you won’t have to worry about the competition — you’ll be “teamed up” with your digital presence — and playing an entirely different game.

Get the kit NOW -- and gain a major leg-up on your competition.

I am updating the kit with more bonuses and value every few months — and raising the price each time.

Purchase now, and you’ll get locked in with lifetime updates — giving you all future updates and bonuses for free, for life.

Template Kit & Course Only


One-time Payment

  • Full consulting website page designs (9 pages)
  • Step-by-step implementation course (4+ hours of content)
  • Website copywriting swipe files & frameworks
  • SEO content marketing template for writing articles & case studies
  • Lifetime updates (all future versions & bonuses)
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Productize Yourself Book: The Consultant's Guide To Attracting Clients Through Your Website

Not sure if the kit is right for you? Book a FREE 30-minute consultation with me where we'll talk about you, your business, and whether my kit can help.