Cornerstone Content Workshop: Get Consulting Leads With Your Content

What you’ll get:

  • 5 30-minute, one-on-one coaching calls: a call for each step of my Cornerstone Content process (I will also record these calls and send them to you — think of it as a custom course created just for you):
    • Step 1: Research
    • Step 2: Outline
    • Step 3: Write
    • Step 4: Edit
    • Step 5: Publish & Promote
  • An SEO-optimized, authority-building, 1500+ word article (you’ll write it, but I’ll help you complete every step)
  • An in-depth video review of your content and feedback on how to improve it for SEO
  • An action plan for how to promote and leverage your content to help it rank faster and generate more traffic

What it will do for you:

  • You’ll have a new piece of thought leadership that will help you in all of your marketing efforts: SEO, sales, outreach, follow-up, social media, etc
  • You’ll have a process to consistently create content that generates traffic, leads, and new consulting business
  • You’ll win opportunities outside of new leads: podcasts, speaking, partnerships — and increase your authority in your market
  • You’ll have the confidence knowing that writing for your consulting website will move the needle for your business


Next Step:

Click here to email me and we’ll book a time for the first call. Or, book a strategy session where we talk about you, your business, and whether or not this workshop will help you.