Effective Email Marketing for Consultants & Coaches

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[Audio taken from the High Income Coaching Podcast]

Why should you bother “building a list” in the first place?

What’s an email list for a consultant or coach like you, anyways?

Email is the next big thing. We’re finally realizing just how precious these open standards were all along. Your way around Facebook, and all the other walled-garden parasites, goes through email.

David Heinemeier Hansson

I think this quote by DHH sums up why.

Email is the most straightforward way to communicate with your prospective clients, at scale — with minimal barriers.

Provide useful, engaging, relevant content — and you’re able to reach hundreds (or thousands) of your prospects at once.

Build that list with an effective consulting website and you’ll put together a marketing machine.

This past week, I was invited on to the High Income Coaching Podcast, where Jim McCraigh and I discussed…

  • Why you should bother building an email list in the first place
    — and how you can get your first 100 subscribers (without even needing a website)
  • What a “lead magnet” is — and how to craft one that your prospective clients will gladly give you their email address for
  • The principles of a lead-generating website that does your marketing for you (on autopilot)
  • Our recommendations for email marketing software — from the most simple, free option to get started with to the most advanced marketing software out there
  • How to build real, authentic relationships with your prospects via email — and turn a text conversation into a coaching session or strategy call

You can listen to the episode below:

There are many different platforms out there. Some of them are here to stay — and some of them will be gone this time next year.

Considering all of the different places you might find your prospects online…I bet 100% of them use email.

And that’s what makes it so powerful as a marketing channel.