Essential Consulting Website Pages Part 2: Showcasing Your Services

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Your service pages can be frustrating to create as a consultant. If you do it right, you’ll make it easy for your prospects to select your perfect service for their business. This will take them one step closer to contacting you.

But do it wrong, and your prospects will feel overwhelmed, confused, and click on the “back” button.

You know exactly what you do during your engagements with your clients. Unless you communicate what you do in an engaging way to your prospects, then your services page will turn your prospects off.

Since your services page naturally leads to your products and services, it can become your highest revenue-generating page if you design it well. This article will help you turn your services page into a profit-generating machine for your consulting business.

By the end of this article, you will…

  • Know how to design a buyer-focused services page that makes it easy for them to choose the right service
  • Learn how to write your copy for each individual service and make them more compelling and persuasive
  • Have 3 examples of superb services pages that you can use for inspiration on your own consulting website

Creating Your Services Page

When prospects come to your services page, they’re interested in seeing what you have to offer.

Your services page is designed to help your prospect choose the right service for them.

Think about your services like an à la carte menu. Except, in this case, you’re not simply writing what the service is. You’re also writing who this service is for.

Here’s an example of the services layout in my Consultant Website Template Kit:

Notice the qualifying question at the beginning of each service description. You want to describe the scenario your prospect is in that would make this service relevant to them.

If you can get them to nod their head with this question, you’ll have them read on to the results your services provide.

Here’s how this looks on my own website:

It’s also a great idea to build a landing page for your specific services. With this landing page, your goal is to prompt your prospect to book a free (or paid) consultation with you after an in-depth look at what this service offers.

Leads that book a consultation as a result of your landing pages are among the most highly-qualified leads you can get. You know what they are interested in, and your landing page has already done a lot of the selling for you.

Your service landing pages help your prospect find you online — and then drive them offline to get in touch with you via phone or in-person.

Best Consultant Website Services Pages

1. Kai Davis

Kai Davis’ services page (Url is /pricing, and it’s listed as Books & Video Trainings in his menu) is an excellent example of a services page for a consultant who has both many products and productized consulting services.

His “product ladder” goes from Books -> Training Programs -> 1-on-1 Coaching -> Consulting Services. He lists his products and services in ascending order, from least inexpensive to most expensive.

At the top of his page, there is a “choose your own adventure” menu that takes you through his various products and services. If you are looking for coaching, you can click on “coaching” and find his coaching services. A seamless experience for his potential clients.

Notice how rather than describing what his products and services are, he is talking about the benefits of said products and services, and who they are a good fit for. For each product or service, he has a dedicated landing page that helps sell these products and services for him.

2. UI Breakfast

Jane Portman’s services page for her consulting business is a simple, clean, and effective.

She offers a mix of productized consulting and consulting engagements. Like Kai’s page, her services pages lists out her product ladder. She lists her various offerings in ascending order, from a 60-minute strategy call at $299, to monthly direction for creative teams at $8000 per month. One strategy is to have your lowest barrier-to-entry offers (which are often your cheapest) at the top, and as your prospect scrolls down, they have a chance to see your high-end products and services — leading them up your ladder.

Another great thing about Jane’s services page is her emphasis on emailing her to learn more. This way, she can start to develop a relationship with her potential clients before they get on the phone with her.

3. Jonathan Stark

Jonathan Stark’s services page leads with social proof — a great reminder that social proof can be effective on every page of your website. He uses logos of brands he’s worked with as well as a testimonial.

Like the other examples, Jonathan lists his services, the business outcomes and results of these services, and a question which qualifies his prospect and helps guide them to what the perfect service for them is.

Instead of listing his services in ascending order of price, he lists them in descending order. With his first service being a $12K monthly retainer, he’s immediately going to dismiss anyone who’s not a serious or relevant prospective client.

At the end of his services page, he has two calls to actions, both of which help his prospect get in touch with him to discuss which of his services are the best fit. Your services page gives you a starting point with which to discuss your offerings to your prospect and not simply give out free advice.

Do’s and Dont’s

DO: Include some sort of a “free” product or service.

This can be something as simple as a free consultation or a lead magnet that prompts them up to your email list. Everyone in your target audience should be able to find something for them on this page, at any price point — including free. Your articles, podcast episodes, and webinars count as your free products and services.

When you have a free service that you use as a lead magnet, you’ll give your prospects a reason to engage with you even it’s a very small engagement.

DO: Offer a free consultation CTA on this page.

Even if you do describe the situation or problems your prospect is facing well, some of them still won’t be comfortable choosing a service without talking to you about it first.

Put a call to action on the bottom of your service page for your prospect to book a call with you to discuss which service is right for them.

These types of consultations are extremely valuable because your prospect doesn’t want free advice (nor should you be giving that with free consultations) — they are merely asking for you to prescribe them with the right solution — a solution that is one of your services.

DON’T: Give a generic description.

Your services page is not the time to present your potential clients with things that they already know. A generic description of the services your providing won’t persuade them to make a decision.

Instead, use this page to bring your potential client into your brand.

  • Why does your company offer this service?
  • What are the questions you ask a potential client in person to make sure they are a good fit for said service?
  • What are the business outcomes of this service? How does the client’s life and business change as a result of this service?

This page is not for writing out your process. It’s for enticing your prospects about your services, highlighting what’s right for them, and then using it to guide them towards contacting you.

Next Steps: Creating Your List Of Consulting Services

Follow these 7 steps to create a compelling services page for your consulting website:

  1. List all of the ways you help your prospects and your clients. Consultations, consulting projects, retainers, books, courses, coaching — everything, and at every price range, from free to six-figures plus.
  2. Write the main result of each service that your client or prospect will achieve as a result of this service. Do you help increase sales? Develop growth strategies? Foster teamwork? All of these have nothing to do with how you do it, but the result your client will get. This is what they care about, and what they want to know.
  3. Write a qualifying question that would show that prospect this service or product is relevant to them. Write a question about their scenario which would make them nod their head.
  4. Write the price of each service.
  5. Order each of your service “modules” like this: Title, Question, Result, Price, CTA
  6. Use my examples above or my Consultant Website Template services page as an inspiration to create your own services page.
  7. Once that’s done, create a more in-depth and persuasive landing page for each service. This page is going to create urgency for your prospect to contact you with regards to that service.

You can use my example here: Services Landing Page

With an effective services page, you’ll have a much easier time at showing clients what you do and give them more ways to contact you.