Friday Fusion: August 21, 2020

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Which are the best consulting website themes for WordPress?

As a consultant, your website has different needs than other businesses. The theme you choose for your WordPress website should reflect this. Choosing the best WordPress theme for consultants will give you an effective website.

The best theme on the market for consultants is X Theme by Themeco. X Theme is the perfect theme for creating effective digital marketing materials for consultants.

It’s the only theme I use in my own business and for my clients. WordPress with X gives you an ultra-powerful tool that you can use to get more clients.

There are three main reasons why X Theme is the best WordPress theme for consultants.

  1. Built With Marketing In Mind — it was built from the ground up using strategies from the best digital marketers
  2. Easy To Use & Customize — whether you want to DIY or hire a professional, it’s easy to use and customize based on your needs
  3. Amazing Community & Support — X users are always sharing tricks, tips, and frequently help each other out

If you’re a consultant and want to get more clients through your WordPress website, I suggest starting with X Theme.

What are the best formats for a resume?

Here’s the resume format I used to earn my first job in tech as a product manager in 20 days — as a History major, nonetheless!

Tsavo Neal — Designer & Content Marketer

(604) 372–2859 | | |


Web design and content marketing expert where more than 4 years of client-facing experience will add value to your clients and help your firm increase MRR.


Web Design • WordPress • Conversion Rate Optimization • HTML • CSS • SEO • Google Analytics • Content Marketing • Copywriting • New Business Development • UX Design • Project Management • Email Marketing • Marketing Automation


Tsavo Neal Consulting – Founder & Digital Marketing Consultant (OCT 2016 – PRESENT)

I help professional services firms get more clients online. My unique methodology has lead to over a dozen guest posts and podcast invitations — helping thousands of professionals improve their digital marketing.

  • Wrote 160K words for 65 articles and videos which generate 7K pageviews per month
  • Generated 650 inbound leads through 5 lead-magnets and 2 content upgrades
  • Publish a bi-weekly newsletter that generates 6 pre-qualified sales calls per month
  • Ran outreach campaigns to 60 influencers to create 4 pieces of first-ranked content
  • Optimized website design and content to attain 80% of traffic organically

Freelance – Web Designer (JAN 2014 – SEPT 2016)

I wrote and designed websites to help businesses exceed their KPIs — improving metrics like conversion rate, session duration, bounce rate, search engine optimization, page speed, and mobile responsiveness.

  • Top Rated freelancer on Upwork with a project success rate of 100%
  • Won, designed, developed, managed, and launched 50 WordPress web design projects
  • Designed and developed new Battery Recyclers of America website, improving its conversion rate from 3% to 18% leading to a 6X increase in leads
  • Designed and developed new Numi Hair Salon website, improving conversion rate to 10% leading to 2X as many appointments
  • Designed and developed new Monpool-SOS eCommerce website that sold $5K in courses during launch week


University of British Columbia – History 2010 – 2015

(See the original PDF of my winning resume here:

If you want to use my format and “fill-in-the-blanks”, it would go something like this:

Your Name — Your Desired Position

(###) ###-#### | | LinkedIn URL |


{Desired position} with {#} years of experience that will create {Result} for your organization.


{Skill} • {Skill} • {Skill} • {Skill} • {Skill} • {Skill} • {Skill} • {Skill} • {Skill} • {Skill} • {Skill} • {Skill}


{Company Name} — {Position (DATE)}

As a {Position}, I used my {Skill}, {Skill}, and {Skill} abilities to help {Company} get {Result}.

  • {Action} that {Result}
  • {Action} that {Result}
  • {Action} that {Result}
  • {Action} that {Result}
  • {Action} that {Result}

{Company Name} — {Position (DATE)}

As a {Position}, I used my {Skill}, {Skill}, and {Skill} abilities to help {Company} get {Result}.

  • {Action} that {Result}
  • {Action} that {Result}
  • {Action} that {Result}
  • {Action} that {Result}
  • {Action} that {Result}


{College Name} – {Degree (DATE)}

This format works because it shows your potential employer that you can create results for their company.

That’s why they hire you in the first place.

What are some ways to get testimonials for my business?

The effectiveness of testimonials is seriously underrated in business. You can’t use them enough.

They are effective because they are a form of social proof.

To discover why canned laughter is so effective, we first need to understand the nature of yet another potent weapon of influence: the principle of social proof.

It states that one means we use to determine what is correct is to find out what other people think is correct. The principle applies especially to the way we decide what constitutes correct behavior

-Robert Cialdini, Influence

If you can show your potential customers that your past customers made the right choice buying your product/service, your potential customers will follow their lead.

So, what is the best way to get them?

To ask!

Only 11% of people ask for referrals. I imagine it’s the same for testimonials.

Sean D’Souza gives you the 6 questions you must ask your customers to get the best testimonial:

  1. What was the obstacle or hesitation that would have prevented you from buying this product/service?
  2. What did you find as a result of buying this product/service?
  3. What specific feature did you like most about this product/service?
  4. What would be three other benefits about this prod­uct/service?
  5. Would you recommend this product/service? If so, why?
  6. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Once your customers answers these questions, the testimonial will read more like a story.

And as your potential customer reads through your testimonials, your testimonials will handle their objects.

A good testimonial sells your product/service for you.

Go get them, and display them everywhere you can.

How important is it to include a contact us page on your website?

It depends on how much you want people to contact you.

Do you want to open yourself up to as many introductions and connections as possible?

Feature your contact page prominently on your website. Put in in your menu. Make the tab a contrasting color so that it stands out.

Example: Derek Sivers

Or, are you too busy and want to limit the number of contacts you get?

You can still have a contact page — but just don’t put it on your menu. Or, make it a “Press” page and give people specific instructions for how/when/why they should contact you.

Example: James Clear

The importance of your contact page (or any page of your website) depends on your goals as a business — and the goals of your customers, too.

If your customers want to speak with you, and you want to speak with them, your contact page is critical.

If you don’t, or they don’t, then it’s much less important.

It’s up to you.

Your business, your website, your world.