How To Hire the Right Designer For Your Consulting Website (Checklist)

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You can’t launch a successful website without the successful website project preceding it.

And successful website projects require that competent, professional designers or agencies do their job — and do it well.

Designers have a lot of potential to drastically change how your prospective and current clients perceive you. They can help your business “look the part,” which enhances your brand, the value of your communication, and your ability to scale.

That said, many designers are more interested in satisfying their inner creative than creating you a tangible asset for business growth. You want to make sure you’re hiring the right designer who can help you achieve your business goals.

When you hire a designer, you’re not hiring a pair of hands. You’re hiring a mind that’s been trained to solve problems in a way you can’t.

-Mike Monteiro, You’re My Favorite Client

Here’s a checklist to run through before you hire a designer for your upcoming consulting website project:

  • Do they specialize in serving consultants, consulting firms, professional services firms, or B2B?
  • Do they showcase their work through case studies and explain their process behind their design decisions?
  • Do they showcase their expertise through writing?
  • Can they explain their process for AFTER your website is launched?
  • Gut check: do you get a sense that they are credible, trustworthy, and would be enjoyable to work with?
  • Do you like their work?
  • Have they been referred to you by someone whom you trust and respect?
  • The more “yeses” you answer here, the higher chance your project will be a success.

Aim for at least 5+ “yeses.” Anything lower and you’re risking your money.

The last thing you want is to work with a “creative” who wants to build you a pretty website (that does nothing for your business), and then move onto their next art project.

Beware a designer who wants you to like them more than they want to do good work.

Your designer should understand how you’re going to make money with your website, and then create the right solution to help you make a 3x, 5x, or 10x+ return on your investment.