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What Consultants Are Saying About My Newsletter

“I would highly recommend Tsavo's advice to any consultant who wants their website to exude professionalism, confidence, & trust.”

-George B.

“Tsavo will help you make a personal website that’s more about the people you want to serve.”

-Dana J.

"Thank you for your amazing email. I NEVER respond to newsletter emails. You are the first. EVER. Your message hit the bulls eye."

-Rose H.

"You kindly gave me three tips to improve my consulting website. To my surprise and delight I received a request for proposal from my website yesterday."

-Michelle S.

"I enjoy your insights and contributions. A lot better than the standard marketing talk I usually receive."

-Markus S.

"You're the first consultant/coach that I have opted in for, that has kept me engaged throughout your emails. Typically I would unsubscribe after two emails, but the value provided in your emails is priceless."

-Dave G.

"I absolutely love your work. Forgive the crude intro, but you are so accurate and to the point. You hit where it hurts! 🙂 You serve your community exceptionally well."

-Oliver G.

"Your writing is clear, concise and informative. I have zero time to read any business literature, and zero interest. But you have the consulting websites for dummies angle down, and so it is helpful!"

-Dinah S.

"I finally finished the re-drafting of my website and I must say, your advice was really valuable and I implemented all your suggestions. Thank you so much for the timely, priceless counsel."

-Imadie O.

"Your feedback was extremely helpful. Very constructive. Honest and insightful. However it was also encouraging."

-Felix N.

"Thanks for the vid you sent me on my site. I found it hugely helpful! Lots of work for me to do to align it to doing what I need it to do, which is get me more clients."

-Jacques S.

"Your content is fantastic and for a beginner consultant like myself I am excited to get your newsletter."

-Blanka T.

"Really thorough. I’m exceptionally impressed by your knowledge and your dedication to helping me."

-Ritchie Y.

"Yes, you are right - if I can talk, I can most definitely write. Your words are exactly the kick that I needed."

-Marine P.

"Wow! Information is supported by strategies for each clog. I now have a plan to get the wheels turning."

-Doris D.

"So happy I found your website! Thanks for putting your course out for us newbies to find."

-Aloha L.

"I have taken the idea of the 5 day mini training, and just on the first email I have received, I got a wow lightbulb moment. Really enjoying these classes has been an amazing help. Thank you for your guidance and inspiration."

-Mel S.

"Currently I am working on my website and your words were really supporting and striking to put extra effort, the way you said it should be. Just wanted to say thanks a lot."

-Nishant U.

"Your clarity is very helpful and gives me much more to think about before I start assembling the landscape of the website."

-Robert M.

"Your mail motivated me to write again on my blog."

-Ranveer S.

"Thank you so much for writing all of this out for me! It's incredibly helpful and I'm excited to give this a try."

-Sharmin S.

"Thanks for the fantastic mails you send! They rock!"

-Ugochukwu A.

"Thanks for all the useful info you've been sharing via this newsletter."

-Uros D.

"You have a wealth of knowledge!! Thanks for sharing!"

-John O.

"Thank you so much, everything's been so helpful. Really appreciate your help and insight."

-Tak O.

"I write about the importance of websites for small business, I think your advice is super helpful for consultants!"

-Kelsey M.

"By the way I am currently building my site and your proposals are more than eye opening. Thanks a lot."

-Yannis M.

"Productize Yourself contains everything you need to know to create a lead-generating website that makes you money — without falling into the feast and famine trap like every other consultant."

-Jordan A.

"Productize Yourself will provide you with perspectives and a plan to design a consulting website that attracts clients."

-Michael Z.

"I absolutely LOVED your book! I am a new consultant and found it to be a comprehensive book that truly lead me through everything I need to do to ensure my website can reflect my new position."

-Laura S.

"Very inclined to DIY a new Wordpress XTheme website from the scratch after purchasing your book. You make absolute sense."

-Victor A.

"Because of your book, I'm kicking off a CRM implementation with a new client in Kenya."

-Reuben S.

"I managed to finalise the draft layout of each of my six pages and sent it to my web designer. So I put your info to great use :)"

-Marine P.

"I expect the details and examples will produce a much more powerful product than I would have without your help."

-Ted A.

"It’s highly actionable and content rich. You did a great job!"

-Betsy J.

"Your book that I purchased, about commoditizing the consultancy services was an excellent read, and I learnt a lot from that."

-Farhat R.

What Consultants Are Saying About Consultant Website Template Kit

"Tsavo has taken a complicated subject and made it easy to understand. I found the step-by-step course easy to follow and very informative.  I would certainly recommend this kit to anyone who wants to save time and money by getting a client-centric website right the first time."

-Jim M.

"I took a good view of your template and it is a fantastic resource. Well designed to make a website stand out and cause potential clients to take action. I love it. As a beginner, I want to start great and right."

-Melvin A.

"I have updated my website using your template. I can say it is a 100% improvement even without adding the extra content! I love the way it all flows and works together. Your template challenged me to rethink the way I represent my business online."

-Charles D.

"I’m a web developer, and when I found your Consultant Website template, I immediately got extreme value from seeing how it was all layed out. I’ll be designing my next client’s (civil engineering consulting) website based on that model."

-James M.

"The videos, examples, and book really helped. I’ll have my website up next week. I’m tweaking the content based on your guidance."

-Dr Dana W.

"I thought I’d dip into your content a little more closely. Almost immediately I fell in an X theme/WordPress/Bluehost rabbit hole. Only 2 hours in I had swapped services and installed your template as my website start."

-Sarah S.