Productize Yourself

The Consultant’s Guide To Attracting Clients Through Your Website

Written by Tsavo Neal

Goal: Show consultants how to use their website to get more clients, break out of the feast-or-famine cycle, and productize themselves — so they can build their dream consulting business.

Part Four: Attracting The Right Prospects To Your Consulting Website

  • Introduction To Part Four
  • Chapter 13: Your New Daily Marketing Habits [Featuring Ahmad Munawar] (COMING SOON)
  • Chapter 14: Share What You Know — The Key to Writing Expert Content [Featuring Betsy Jordyn] (COMING SOON)
  • Chapter 14: Your Digital Soapbox (Speaking Online To Attract Clients) [Featuring Kurt Elster] (COMING SOON)
  • Chapter 15: Build Relationships As You Promote With Partnership Marketing [Featuring Liston Witherill] (COMING SOON)
  • Chapter 16: How to Do Direct Outreach (Without Feeling Spammy) [Featuring Kai Davis] (COMING SOON)
  • Chapter 17: The Truth About Social Media Marketing for Consultants [Featuring Jake Jorgovan] (COMING SOON)

Part Five: Optimizing Your Consulting Website & Systematizing Your Marketing

  • Introduction To Part Five (COMING SOON)
  • Chapter 18: How to Measure & Improve Your Consulting Website’s Performance [Featuring Chris Goward] (COMING SOON)
  • Chapter 19: Your Secret Weapon — Getting Clients With Email Marketing [Featuring Scott Oldford] (COMING SOON)
  • Chapter 20: Saving Hours Per Week With Marketing Automation [Featuring Brennan Dunn] (COMING SOON)
  • Chapter 21: The “Next Level” — Productizing Your Consulting Services [Featuring Jonathan Stark] (COMING SOON)


  • Action Steps & Supplementary Materials (COMING SOON)
  • Closing Thoughts (COMING SOON)


  • Advanced Consultant Website Pages [Featuring Jim McCraigh] (COMING SOON)