One thing that separates consultants who struggle from those who succeed is the decision to take or not take consistent action to add value and influence the market one serves

The struggling consultant often adopts a strategy based on hope. They desire a long line of clients waiting to engage their services and are usually disappointed when that fails to materialize.

The successful consultant recognizes the importance of adding value, creating differentiation, and communicating deep specialization, authority and expertise at every opportunity.

As consultants and entrepreneurs we have a choice. We can sit back and let the market decide who we are and what to think of us (a star or commodity), or we can proactively influence the market to see us for who we truly are and want to be, thus creating our positioning on our own terms.

There's no better platform than a website to consistently deliver your strategic positioning and tell your story.

Tsavo Neal not only understands this, he lives and breathes it. When Tsavo contacted me several years ago I didn't know about his work. That would soon change.

Within seconds of visiting his website I understood his focus and area of expertise. He'd won my attention and interest. Tsavo practices at the highest level what he preaches.

In the book you're about to read Tsavo Neal has done a masterful job of explaining how to develop a consulting website that sets the right first impression within seconds and serves to confirm your authority and expertise, thereby helping you to create more conversations with buyers and win more business at higher fees.

Whether you have an existing website and feel like it's not having the impact on your business it should, or you have yet to develop your own consulting website, this book will provide you with perspectives and a plan to design a consulting website that attracts clients.

I'm thoroughly impressed by Tsavo’s book and the contribution it could make to your success as a consultant. This book can have a tremendous positive impact on your business and your life. I'm excited for you to dig in and implement what Tsavo teaches, and to discover the true power of the lessons and experience he shares.

- Michael Zipursky, CEO and Co-Founder
Consulting Success®

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