How To Use This Book

Read this book, apply what you learn consistently, and you’ll get more consulting clients through your website.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn in each part of the book:

  • After reading Part One, you’ll understand the importance of your website — and why it’s the centerpiece of your marketing.
  • After reading Part Two, you’ll understand how to plan a successful consulting website project.
  • After reading Part Three, you’ll understand how write, design, and build a lead-generating consulting website — or instruct your designer on how to do it.
  • After reading Part Four, you’ll understand how to attract your ideal prospective clients to your website.
  • After reading Part Five, you’ll understand how to turn your website into your full-time marketer and salesperson — and learn how it can help you scale your consulting business.

Here’s how you get the most out of this book:

Read it from start to finish. Highlight the passages that stand out. Write down reminders when you’re inspired with a new idea that’s applicable to your business.

At the end of each chapter, you’ll find an action step. Read the action step, but don’t do it. Once you’ve read the book, revisit the action steps. Do them, one by one, and in order. The action steps are designed to help you build your lead-generating consulting website, step-by-step. You won’t get anything out of this book without applying what you learn.

Excited? Good. Let’s dive in.

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