My Point Of View

A few years ago, nobody cared about your consulting website.


All your clients are looking at your website before they do business with you.

The game has changed.

Prospective clients use your website when deciding on whether to hire you. They use your digital presence to learn if your expertise is fit to solve their problems.

Consulting has, and always will be, a relationship business. But technology has changed the way we develop relationships — in our personal lives and in business.

Despite this shift, I still cringe when I visit 95% of consulting websites. They have no idea what to do with their website. Most consulting websites are full of jargon, stock images, and dated blog posts. They’re digital brochures. Yuck.

Consultants are not marketers. Consultants are not designers. Consultants are not copywriters. If they try to write and design their own website, they often use a generic template and boilerplate copy. It ruins their ability to make a strong first impression — like they’re a sleazy salesman in a cheap suit.

If they do hire a freelancer or agency, the “creative” they hire is more interested in creating another pretty website rather than one that generates business results.

Marketers and designers, for the most part, aren’t consultants. They can create beautiful websites — but for the consultant who wants to attract and develop new business, aesthetics are only a small part of the equation.

There is a significant gap here. A consultant’s digital presence is becoming more important — but they are squandering their opportunity to make the most out of it.

My point of view is this:

As a consultant or boutique firm, you cannot afford to neglect your website and digital presence. It’s as important as networking.


Without it, you cannot productize yourself. You cannot turn your expertise into a product. You cannot scale you.

If you cannot productize yourself, you cannot leverage media — your website and digital presence — to work for you while you sleep. You’ll create an inseparable chain between your income and time spent working. You’ll risk getting stuck in the feast-or-famine cycle.

Networking rewards with you relationships. Your digital presence helps you build an audience. Provide value by helping this audience and you’ll earn the right to relationships — at scale.

My mission is to help every consultants break out of the feast or famine cycle by productizing themselves. You can’t do that without your consulting website. This book will teach you how to use your website to productize yourself and build your dream consulting business.

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