Introduction To Part One

Here, you’ll learn why you should even bother with your website, what your website can do for you, and how the system works. If you don’t understand the “why” behind your consulting website, you won’t feel motivated to do the action steps. The chapters in this part will give you a push in the right direction.

What is the right direction? After analyzing thousands of consultant websites, I’ve observed 4 “levels” of consultant websites:

Level 1 — No Consultant Website: You don’t have the time or budget to create a consulting website. But really, you don’t think it will help your business, so you don’t even bother.

Level 2 —Brochure Consultant Website: You have a website that talks about you, your business, and your experience. And because it’s all about you, your business, and your experience, it doesn’t generate any leads.

The Gap” — The challenges and/or misbeliefs stopping you from creating a lead-generating website. In “The Gap,” you want to advance to level 3, but you don’t know how.

Level 3 — Lead-Generating Consultant Website: Your website generates consultations with prospective clients every month.

Level 4 — Cornerstone Consultant Website: Your website is the focal point of your firm’s marketing. It’s responsible for the majority of your new business development.

Part One will shock your system and motivate you to escape the first two levels of mediocrity.

By the end of Part One, you will:

  • Understand why your consulting website is a central part of your marketing — and thus, your business
  • Learn what a well-written, well-designed consulting website can do for you
  • Gain a high-level understanding of the consulting website marketing system — and all of the pieces you need to make it work

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